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Why should I charter with Mystic Yacht Charters rather than someone else?  By no means do we claim to be perfect, but with our close attention to detail we try hard to come as close to perfect as possible. You have our guarantee that we will do our best to serve you. We are a pleasure business, which means we are here to please. If you have any special needs in services or scheduling don't hesitate to ask. We will do our best to accommodate you.

When can I board the yacht?  Our normal charter schedule is noon to noon, allowing the mornings for check-outs. You may sleep aboard the yacht the night before your charter begins, at no extra charge. We begin check-outs at 8 AM in order of arrival. We will make our best effort to insure a noon departure. If you require an earlier departure, you may schedule your charter to begin at 8 AM. This would require you arrive early enough the night before to be ready to begin your check-out at 4 PM, at the latest. If you arrive late and we cannot do the check-out that evening you will be first for the morning check-out.

What am I expected to do upon our return?  Be sure the holding tank is empty, (this is one of the most difficult things for us to handle in a fast turnaround situation) and stop at the fuel dock to top off your fuel tank; be sure to give us the receipt. The Mystic River Marina and the Noank Shipyard are available on your way up the Mystic River. Once back at the marina, dock the yacht in its appropriate slip and inform the office of your return. Fill the water tanks. Remove your personal gear along with any leftover food, and trash. Any water or leftover ice must be emptied from the icebox. The yacht must be cleaned by you; this includes wiping down the heads, sweeping out cabins and salon, cleaning the galley, and washing the decks with fresh water and scrub brush.. There are hoses on the dock. Buckets, sponges, deck brushes and cleaning supplies are provided onboard; more are available at the dock.. The "Return Form" must be filled out and signed. To insure the quality of our charter vessels for you and the next person that charters, we conduct a thorough inspection that includes an inspection of the boat inventory, keel and underwater gear after each charter. Your damage deposit will be returned, if no problems are found during the inspections.

How are the yachts equipped?  All of the yachts have a variety of equipment aboard including all required safety equipment. There is a list of standard equipment that is provided on all of our boats. In addition to the required equipment, many of our yachts have other amenities that are listed in the hand-outs for the individual boats.


What am I responsible for?  Once you have boarded the boat, you are responsible for the yacht and its equipment as if you were the owner of the vessel. These responsibilities included insuring the fluid level in the engine (and generator if so equipped) are maintained, as well as keeping the sea strainer clean to keep a proper flow of cooling water. You are also responsible for all operating cost, fuel, dockage, and the like. The boat should be returned in the same condition as when it was given to you. If the boat is not cleaned or is damaged when it is returned, charges will be made against your security deposit; this includes refueling the diesel tank and pumping out the holding tank.


860 608 1393

What is involved in the Check-out?  The first time you charter with us, we require a check-out that involves some on the water maneuvering. This serves two purposes, it gives you a chance to become familiar with how the individual yacht handles and demonstrates to us the abilities of you and your crew to handle the vessel. All check-outs involve a review of the vessels systems: engine operation, thru-hull locations, operation of the galley stove, operation of the head and holding tank systems, water systems, electrical system, electronics, rigging, and the locations of the safety equipment and a check of the inventory. We ask you to provide us with a float plan and will do a chart review of the area with you and your crew. The check-out takes about 1½ to 2 hours; allow an additional hour for the first time check-out. There is an additional one-time fee of $100 for the first time charterer's on the water checkout.

What if the yacht develops problems?  If the engine breaks down or some other problem occurs that prevents you from continuing your charter, you have several options: Calling us on a cell phone is the best. If you are in range, hail us on the VHF, we monitor channel 68 or you can call us using the marine operator and the VHF. We will make arrangements to get you going quickly as possible. If you need towing, there are several companies that do this but beware, they are very expensive; sail to a mooring if possible. Also, only the Coast Guard for for life-threatening emergencies.

Am I expected to leave a security deposit and if so, what does it cover?  All charterers are required to leave a minimum Security Deposit of $2000.00 (or an amount equal to the insurance deductible if that amount is greater) payable by personal check if received 14 business days prior to boarding, or by Cash, Certified Check or Traveler's Checks the day you board. The deposit covers any necessary repairs, cleaning, fueling or any other fees that are your responsibility if not paid. Should any damage be so great as to exceed the amount of the security, the yacht's insurance policy will take care of the costs. Security deposits will be returned within 14 business days unless there are any unresolved charges against the deposit.

How do I go about booking my charter?  To book a charter, contact us by phone or email and let us know which yacht and dates you would like so we can check for availability. We will then send you the a yacht charter application/resume. A reservation deposit of $300.00 will hold the yacht for your requested dates until the signed agreement is received (up to 14 days). The reservation deposit can be paid by accredit rd on the phone or by check with your application. Upon a positive review of the application/resume we will contact you and send you yacht charter agreement.. You will then return the completed and signed agreement a 50% deposit. with the balance of the deposit (50% of the total charter fee less the $300 reservation deposit previously paid) to secure the charter. The final payment is due sixty (60) days before boarding.

When am I expected to return?  You are required to have the boat back at the dock by noon if your scheduled departure was at noon. A typical noon to noon three day charter would start noon on Thursday and return Noon on Sunday. For a typical three day charter that is scheduled to start at 8 AM on Friday you are expected to return by Sunday at 4 PM. Our scheduling is sometimes back to back, so someone may be waiting to board the boat as soon as it is returned and is prepared for the next charter. If, for some extreme reason you are delayed, make sure you call the office so we can plan accordingly. Poor planning for tides or weather are not acceptable excuses for returning late. There will be fees charged for late returns.

Remember, the earlier you book the more flexibility we have in scheduling.

Thank you for considering YACHT CHARTERS OF MYSTIC  for your chartering needs!!

Terry Leahy, Charter Manager