The third consideration of yacht management is the rising cost of dockage, maintenance and insurance. This, combined with the current economic squeeze, has many owners reluctantly considering selling their boats because they can no longer justify the time and cost involved for upkeep against the time they are able sail. If this sounds familiar, the benefits of charter management are the perfect fit to offset your cost, and bring back the pleasure of ownership.

Experienced Yacht owners place their yachts in Yacht Charters of Mystic  (YCM) management program knowing it will be managed by our hands-on owner. He has over 10 years' experience in the charter business and respects the value of your asset. Your yacht will be meticulously cared for and maintained by YMC. For larger repairs or services, YMC will work with the professionals at the Mystic Shipyard to insure your yacht is properly repaired in a timely manner. The owners know that when they come to cruise on their yacht, it will be clean and everything will work.

Sailing School


If you have always dreamed about moving across the ocean powered by only the wind but you don't know a jib sheet from a main sail , then the American Sailing Academy is the answer.  An American Sailing Association affiliate American Sailing Academy can take you from a novice to ready to charter on you own.  Follow this link to the American Sailing Academy.

Personal Service: YMC is committed to providing personal attention to each yacht owner in the management program through open communication and personal care of their asset.

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Is Placing Your Boat in our Yacht Management Programthe Right Choice for You?

Yacht Management

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Location: Yacht Charters of Mystic is located at the Mystic Shipyard, in Mystic Connecticut, midway between New York and Boston and central to some of the best cruising locations in the Northeast. Newport, Block Island, or the bays of Eastern Long Island are all a day sail away. Many of the Mystic Shipyard customers live in Western Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts or as far way as Pennsylvania and find Mystic the perfect location for their boats. They find a few hours driving is time well spent to put them close to the great cruising grounds our area offers.

Why Yacht Charters of Mystic?

If this sounds interesting, please follow the link for more details about the yacht management program

Yacht Delivery Service

If you are in one place and your yacht is in another let us help bring you two together.We have licensed captains that will deliver your yacht to the marina of your choice.  If you've just purchased a Yacht that is miles away from your location, or you need to move your yacht for a new season in a different area, or you are in a location and have to leave suddenly and don't have time to return your yacht to it's home marina, hiring an experienced captain to deliver the yacht in a timely manner might be the best solution to your problem.  Our captains take great pride in safely and efficiently delivering yachts for our clients.  Every yacht delivery has a unique set of problems and our captains are experts at solving those problems.  If you have just purchased a larger yacht than you are used to maneuvering, hiring one of our captains to help deliver the yacht and instruct you on its operation will give you great confidence when you take over full time.  Many of our clients have greatly appreciated the knowledge gained by working with a captain on their personal yacht.  If you have a yacht that needs to be moved or would like to get more information about our yacht delivery service please contact us. We deliver both power boats and sailing vessels.

"Why do they call these pleasure boats when you spend so much time working on them?

If you are a yacht owner considering a charter management program, first you need to decide if bareboat charter management is right for you and your boat. Below are three things to consider while making this decision.

The first consideration is that most owners don't use their yacht as much as they would like to. The average owner in the Northeast only uses his yacht about 20 days a year. The typical sailing season, Memorial Day to Columbus Day, is about 120 days. Charter management provides an opportunity for the yacht to earn revenue instead of being idle at the dock.

The second consideration of yacht management is the time you have for maintenance and upkeep. Many boat owners live inland and keep their boats more than a quick drive to the marina. When you have the time to go sailing; the boat is hot and the water is a little stale from being closed for 2 or 3 weeks. When you check your systems, you find something must be fixed before you can sail. Instead of using your precious time sailing, you are fixing, cleaning, and getting the boat ready. Under yacht management, when your yacht is not earning revenue, it is clean and ready for you. So you don't need to ask yourself-